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 The Enforcers Motorcycle Club, was formally established in the spring of 2000. The club’s founder, “Rosco” began motorcycling at the age of 8 on a Honda 50 and had been riding since. As a teenager Rosco dreamed of belonging to a large motorcycle club. Influenced by his grandfather who had ridden his entire life, Rosco followed his dream.


At age 19, Rosco joined the largest club in the world, the police force. After 15 years of hard core “street level police work”, Rosco continued to pursue his dream and decided to form his own club, The Enforcers MC. Our Colors are taken from the “Swordsmen” from the medieval days. They were the enforcers of the law then. Hence Enforcers MC, the Enforcers Motorcycle Club consists of, but is not limited to members of current and retired Law Enforcement Officers, Armed Forces Personnel, Public Safety personnel, and some good friends who complete the “Family” of our club.


Our Colors are derived from the medieval “Swordsmen.” They were the Enforcers of the law. Each color depicted in the club's emblem or “Colors” carries its own significance. Silver represents the badge; Red represents the blood lost in battle; and Black represents the mourning for our fallen officers and servicemen. We wear our “colors” to respect and remember our brothers and our members. Our Motorcycle Club promotes an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity to meet and ride with those who love to ride motorcycles in a safe manner when we are on our leisure time. We are willing to extend our hand in friendship to whoever is willing to accept it.


Our Mother Chapter, is based in the Palm Beach County Florida area. Currently, there are a total of 46 chapters, spanning 12 States in the US and 1 Province in Canada.


We try to attend as many motorcycle club functions as possible to show our support and meet people. We have many events and fund raisers of our own with the proceeds going to charity. Throughout our travels, we will always take time to support those who support us. Keeping in mind with our Membership that quality far exceeds quantity. We would like to thank everyone who helped with forming our club.